Saturday, June 26, 2010


Parents nowadays want to give quality education to their children. They have some notions about quality, which may be debatable. But they want their children to become competent in English and it is not debatable, it is their dream. To fulfill this dream parents try tuitions, they run after English medium school’s advertisements and try what ever that’s available in the market. Yet the results are more or less the same.

SSA is planning to launch an innovative programme to improve the quality of transacting English in the class rooms. SSA has positive evidence collected from Alappuzha District where such a programme was launched, to make a claim that it is possible to attract general public to general schools, stopping dropouts and increasing enrollment. One day orientation training to teachers and trainers from all panchayats in the district was conducted at Chemists Bhavan, Malappuram.

SSA Programme officer Sri.Ratnakaran briefed the participants about the scope and aims of the programme. Then Dr. KN Anandan, consultant to SSA gave a brief account of the innovative programmes undertaken by SSA to improve the quality of teaching English in the class rooms. He invited Sri Viswambaran, Programme Officer,Alappuzha, to share his experience of co-ordinating an exclusive project for English in Alappuzha District.


Sri. Viswambaran described in detail the project named HEART, which brought back children to general schools from un- aided sector. This was done through a team work of teachers, trainers, educational officers, teacher union representatives, members of local bodies, and dignitaries from different walks of life. Alappuzha Model can be adapted in all districts.

The Plan
Dr. Anandan, consultant to SSA gave a broad picture of things to be done. This include formation of a district core-team, preparation of a tool for base line study, preparation of a TM for try out, intensive training, orientation of RPs etc.

The Calander.
The participants assembled in BRC wise groups and prepared a calendar of activities. They completed the task before noon. In the after noon all the groups presented their calendar.

In the after noon Dr. Anandan led a session to address frequently asked questions {FAQ).

Participants shared with him the doubts they had while handling lessons in the class room. They also shared their dreams of a bright tomorrow.

The session ended at 5 PM.

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  1. sr,
    the teacher talks motivated me to interact with the children effectively.we would like to have your authentic contact class for the DRGS of kollam dist. especially on objectives of asking different types of questions at different stages of interaction.
    Thank you very much....