Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FAQ 1-Preparing Narratives

                                                 English Core Group

Preparing narratives is a difficult task for children as well as teachers .How can we make them easy?

The following steps will help.
1. Fix the first event

2. Fix the last event

3. Fix the in between events. This is done through whole class discussion.

4. Take the first event and blow up that event into a piece of narrative as a whole class activity.

Blowing up an event.

Think about the following points

1. Who are the persons involved in the event.(Characters)

2. Where are they or where the event is taking place.(Location )

3. What are the characters thinking /doing/saying.(Action)

4. How does the living and noj living objects reflect the charactors’ mood (ambience)

5. Interact with the class keeping in mind the above points. See that simply replying to these questions itself will give a crude form of narrative piece which could be refined.

6. Form groups . One group will get one event to develop into a small narrative.

7. When we assemble the works of every group we will get a full text of it through editing.

8. Please remember that narrative writing is not a simple task and we will have to wait for a while.

Do we need examples?


  1. Please suggest the different strategies for preparing English magazine for U. P classes

  2. Example to blow up an event

    Suppose the following are the events fixed through interaction Ref. Unit 5 of std 7.

    Nandu and Meena reached at the village well

    They went to the river.

    They reached home.

    Lets blow up the first event ,
    ie Nandu and Meena reached at the village well.

    Interact using this question

    Who are the characters? Where are they?
    Write the elicited answers on a chart

    Nandu and Meena reached at the village well.

    Q What did Nandu do?
    Chart Nandu ran near to the well
    He looked into the well

    Q What did Meena do then?
    Chart Meena followed him.

    Q What did Nandu say?
    Chart “ Meenu Chechi, come” Nandu called out. .

    Q Did Meenu go near him?
    Chart Meena went near him.

    Q What did Meena say?
    Chart Why did you call me? Meena asked Nandu.

    Q What did Nandu say then?
    Chart “Meenu chechi , look into the well” Nandu said.
    Chart Oh! The well has dried up. “ Meena said. She looked up.

    Chart The sun was burning the dry sky.

    Put together the elicited answers.(Chart)
    You will get a primitive form of narrative. Interact using apt questions to get this refined.

    Let the groups blow up the rest of the events.

    Hope this will help you.