Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'Buddha Collapsed' at my glance

The movie Buddha Collapsed is a touching one. The main theme of the picture is the religious intolerance and the traditional outlook towards women.The central character of the film is a little girl of nearly eight years old.Her unquenchable thirst for literacy and her hardships for getting in to school is enfolded was an expedition for her to find out money fora notebook and a pencil.
Her thirst for literacy can be interpreted as the query for freedom. education opens the way to freedom or liberty. The girl is the symbolic representation of the entire females of the world.The queries of the woman for an equivalent world is as old as the civilizations.
the girl's urge for getting educated, annoying the boys. they learn only to kill and die for the sake of religion. They trained to treat the woman as a slave.The woman have to obey certain norms and conditions.Education is denied for the females. Those who thinks against their beliefs are to be stoned and buried alive.
The movie maker had an intention to say that,women in such a community which denies education
have to flee for her life like a haunting animal. She can materialize salvation only through the death.
In this movie we can see the absurdity of the method of teaching language 'from part to whole'. that is 'alphabet-word- sentence- theme' approach. The girl wants to read the story of the farmer who slept under a tree.But the class room Shown is entirely teacher centered and alphabet oriented.There the learning is a mechanic process.Though the teacher is not disturbed
about the inattentive students in her class, she is disturbed the lipstick shades of their lips and cheeks.Actually the heroine kept it as a writing material.

friends, this is what i got from that movie,which was shown by our Anandan sir. I know you have more ideas about the same.Please share it with me. And pardon me for 'my english' .thank u.



  1. Heal the world make it a better place
    For you and me and the entire world

  2. As teachers let us not deny the space of our pupils, especially the girls as they deserve all their rights as everyone else does in this world