Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear friends,
The core English group of Kerala has created this blog for the entire teacher community to share their thoughts and experiences with all those who have concern and love for children.....
So please contribute your ideas, vision, suggestions ......


  1. Hearty Welcome,Hearty Welcome
    our dear friends..
    We are teachers from God's own land
    we are happy, very happy
    To share our views with you..
    Please come and share yours also.
    hearty welcome, Hearty welcome
    Our dear friends...

  2. Best wishes...
    Let our children smile...
    Let them make wonders...

  3. this blog is one of the initiatives of core English team .

    all the best wishes

  4. My heary congragulations for the first step in theis category.This will realy a helping hand for our teacher community

  5. Alice Said: Education is vital to entail positive changes in children's lives. Yet for millions of children and youth in developing countries, education is beyond reach. It is at this junture that, the relentless efforts of SSA is really appreciable. Let our childern pursue education to the maximum so as to turn out to be the finest citizens of tomorrow.. Let their dreams have wings... Let the meticulous endeavours of this team of teachers could be accomplished.. May God help us to fulfil our dreams..

  6. please visit the following link and post your questions....

  7. Everyone says, Kerala always pioneers in many a number of endeavors which thereafter proved to be milestones in the field of Education in the State, especially with a special eye for the upholding of children hails from the socially and educationally backward strata of the society. Our effort of creating this new blog and pooling of ideas from the ignited minds of our core team can contribute a great extend for the dissemination of the desirable standard of classroom activities, in tune with the demand of the emerging Indian Society. I myself wishes all the best for this novel effort with special reference to the master brain behind this noble endeavor.

  8. This is a golden opportunity for English teachers. Congratulations to all contributers.